Maintenance inspections and WETT inspections in Peterborough, Cobourg, Bancroft, Lindsay, and Kawartha Lakes


Being too complacent in the safety of your home is a thought that should never come to a homeowner’s mind. There are many possible threats that could present itself in homes from faulty wirings to open fireplaces. Maintenance inspections and WETT inspections should be part of your regular checklist. Residents of Peterborough, Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, Cobourg, and Bancroft have been vigilant homeowners and sought the services from Peterborough Certified Home Inspections to ensure the safety of their homes.

WETT inspections or Wood Energy Technology Transfer are inspections that include the checking any appliances that emit flames or burns like fireplaces and stoves. Wood burning appliances are very prone to release pollutants and other harmful materials that can ignite objects in a house. Our certified inspectors will help not just in inspecting your hearth or chimneys, we make sure that all elements are correctly installed or are compliant with building codes and regulations. We have performed inspection like this to our clients Peterborough, Cobourg, Bancroft, Lindsay, and Kawartha Lakes whether be it for their insurance needs or just for their general safety measures.

Maintenance inspections on the other hand are more for the upkeep or preservation of parts of your house that might have already degraded or are worn out. Contractors and inspectors from our company will take your mind off of worrying about the safety of your house. With our years of premium services in Kawartha Lakes, Cobourg, Bancroft, Lindsay, and Peterborough, you can rest easy and be confident that your house is and will always be a safe place to live in.


  • Provides a homeowner the opportunity to make any necessary changes/improvements in order to increase their list price
  • Shows buyers that home owner is serious and wants a smooth transaction
  • Speeds process by eliminating need for inspection condition
  • Eliminates surprises after offer is on the table


  • It is highly recommended to hire a qualified home inspector and review the home inspection report prior to the purchase of any home
  • Pre-purchase inspections can identify problems and sometimes leads to a reduction in purchase price
  • Cost to value ratio is very low especially considering home purchase values
  • Provides the knowledge and resources to refer to once you take ownership
  • A proper home inspection can identify immediate and future repairs and costs associated with the purchase of a home. This protects home buyers from unexpected and unbudgeted surprises


  • An educated unbiased evaluation of current and future maintenance considerations
  • Geared to goals and budget of home owner
  • Prioritized maintenance items
  • Advise on preventative actions


  • Visual inspection of chimney and venting. Checking chimney for connections, clearances, flashing and flue condition.
  • A visual inspection af the appliance for proper clearances, firebox condition and flue connections.
  • An inspection and moisture level test of the wood fuel.
  • I will also make sure you understand the proper operation of your appliance.